Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doing MY bit

During my childhood I experienced nothing other than complete love and adoration from my parents. When a voice was raised at me - I knew that I had breached the boundaries and fully deserved to get scowled at. I was given a childhood that all children in this world deserve. A great schooling, fantastic holidays all over the world, a beautiful house and most importantly the most loving and inspirational parents one could ask for.

Today, Stacey from Sunny Mummy placed the most inspirational post on her blog. It was about her childhood and her experiences with domestic violence. She is doing 'her bit' to raise awareness for the victims of violence and in particular, the CHILDREN. By doing this, she is donating to a fantastic cause called Backpacks 4Aussie Kids (click on the name to be referred to their website for more information) - who are aiming to provide 1000 backpacks full of goodies to foster children who have been placed in Foster Care. By just donating a mere $25.00 to this fantastic cause - you could give a child some hope and some love. If you don't want to donate money - you could donate a backpack, some new knickers, a toy - ANYTHING to show your support.

It is causes like Backpack4Kids that we should be supporting. Something small can go a long way to make a child feel accepted and loved.

So, I am off tomorrow to buy some goodies to post to these lovely, inspirational people to show MY support from my family.


Because I would hope that the community would show me love and support if I was ever in need of their genoristy. So...it's time to do MY bit.

Perhaps food for thought?

Are you going to do YOUR bit?

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