Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emotions and Playdough

I had my TEACHER hat on today as we finally did our first SKYPE lesson with Moo. Last week was planning & initiation and this week involved putting in all into practice! So after a late night sewing up toy bags for the lesson - we were ready to go!

To be honest with you - I was nervous - very very nervous. I had received Moo's IEP (Individual Education Plan) earlier that week and it was 16 PAGES LONG! Eek. Along with the IEP came a flood of emotions. I was questioning myself as to whether Mr H and I had made the right decision as I didn't want us to spend Macie's childhood analysing every sound she made or if she was meeting the development goals on her IEP. As a Mama, I have found that I really beat myself up about any decisions I make on behalf of Moo and hope to god that I have made the RIGHT ones!

With the nervousness nearly eating me up (Poor Mr H copping the brunt of it!) - we prepared for our lesson and as soon as I saw the gorgeous faces of Michelle and Linda from the Hear & Say Centre....the nervousness disappeared and I FELT reassured that I had made the right decision. Moo instantly smiled and waved when she 'saw' them on the screen and the lesson went well with only a few hiccups on Moo's part when she wanted to EAT the playdough and not PLAY with it!!

As usual I was bursting with pride for my little darling. She lasted 40 minutes without getting irritable with us and she responded so well to all the activities! Thankfully we were able to use familiar props with her favourite book 'This is the Mud' (Thanks Kath & Eva) so it wasn't all too new for her. Michelle did a terrific job planning the lesson as from the book, we then played with Playdough with all the farm animals getting STUCK! Macie just LOVED it....

Thankfully Michelle and Linda reassured me that while the IEP may be long - it is also a 6 month plan. After a great lesson and chat with them, I now feel completely confident that Mr H and I have made the right decision!!
With a little hard work, perseverence and persistance - all while ensuring that Moo is happy and learning in a FUN environment - will reap great rewards for the most important person - being my beautiful and gorgeous baby MOO.

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  1. So glad it went well for you! Moo is such a smart girl. It's little consolation, but you'd probably analyze her every sound anyway. It's what moms do!