Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trail of Destruction....

After 10 days away, Baby Moo has been extremely unsettled, clingy, crying when we put her down, not wanting to sleep during the day and only wanting her Mama....which is very UNLIKE my Moo. She is usually such a happy bubba who is more than happy to play with her toys while I do jobs around the house.

Needless to say, I was really becoming drained with having a screaming 8 month old tugging at my legs begging to be picked up - or seeing her happily playing and then hear the tears start when I walked away!

So after introducing a new routine to Moo which allowed her to set of the rules and relaxing the rigid times I had for her sleep times - I am getting my gorgeous easy-going Moo back....

As a result, all the toys have come out of the toy box and there is a trail of destruction around the Dalli Cottage.....

This is only the mess from today! She has worked out how to get into my cupboards and consequently broken martini glasses (thankfully without any cuts to her hands) and has even worked out how to get into the cupboard with the bin....of all cupboards to get into!! Who would have thought that such a small child could create such a mess!

Lucky she melts my heart every time I look at her....as long as I have a happy smiley Moo - then I can handle the mess!!

PS As I wrote this blog she found my handbag - and thankfully NOT my lipstick!! It will only be a matter of time though! :)

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