Sunday, July 18, 2010

Simon Says....

Ever feel like you are being copied by your little one in every possible way?

Baby Moo has been making every noise under the sun....consequently making her Mama and Mr H nearly burst with love and pride for her!

If we grunt - we usually hear a grunt aswell;
If we go hmmmmm - we get more of a HMMPF!
Moo will go Mwah to blow kisses;
Mamamamama when she is awake in her cot and getting upset - in that case it sounds more like Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama!;
Dadadada (only getting the D sound right today) when he plays with her while changing her;
Squeals with her tongue out and lots of other gorgeous babbling noises!

Hopefully she wont pick up on the few naughties that I let fly today when I realised that my washing machine was leaking for the THIRD time! No doubt it would be stored in her memory bank and she will pronounce the 'S' word with the utmost precision in a very public place!! I can just imagine it!

It appears that Moo is going to be a real chatterbox just like her Mama. If you let me, I would talk to you until the sun comes up! Just ask Mr H....he knows that if I am not talking - it usually trouble in paradise! ;)

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