Monday, July 12, 2010

Doggy Scam....

Remember the beautiful puppy that I posted on here that we were going to collect on our way home from our holiday??

Well there was NO puppy! Can you believe it? It was all a scam. We paid a $100 deposit and then the owner was a no-show! We couldnt believe it!

I should have seen the warning signs....but instead I decided to be trusting and went ahead with the purchase. We have reported the owner to the website, and am considering reporting them to the police.....

I can't believe people would use a puppy as a scam.

It's scary to think what the world is coming to isn't it?

However, with that awful experience behind us - we are now on the search for the puppy for Moo! We have some Jack Russell breeders not far from the farm so we are on their waiting list for their next litter.

As they say.....Good things happen to those who wait...

**In other news - we have finally reached 50 FOLLOWERS!!**


  1. That's horrible. I can't believe there are such dodgy people willing to scam families over a puppy. Disgusting. I hope Karma catches up with them!
    Hopefully you'll have a little puppy to love real soon!!

  2. Thanks Mummyliz. I couldn't believe it either! Hopefully we will have a puppy for Moo in no time!! :)