Wednesday, June 30, 2010

See Yas!

For all my loyal readers, I am off on my welldeserved holiday with my beautiful family. Please if you miss me - just think that I will be happily bathing in the sunshine on the beach and soaking up the family time that I miss oh so much with my parents and sister.

Upon my return, I promise to be completely revitalised and ready for serious blogging. I will resume my daily blogs like I promised MYSELF all those months ago....

PS - On the packing for holiday front.....never EVER did I EVER think that ONE child would take up so much room in my I don't accidently pack the kitchen sink, I am pretending that our car is actually a Virgin Airline and has airline luggage rules and regulations.....the question is....will I comply with the rules....or just pay for the overloaded luggage?? hehe


  1. James has his own suitcase!! I think Macie should have one too......And anyway...nappies take up most of the space! (At least that what I tell hubby!!)

  2. Oh dont worry Pammie - Moo has her own suitcase too....filled to the brim!! ;)

  3. Surely children have their own luggage requirements on planes too....right?