Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry I have been so slack lately. I have been soaking up having my Mr H home for lunches together and snuggles on the couch until late in the night. He has been working so very very hard so it is so nice to have some 'us' time.

Heaps to report on....

Dalli Cottage Collection has been flat chat with lots of lovely orders coming in! I absolutely love creating for everyone. Here are some new creations.....what do YOU think?

My article for Sunny Mummy will be launched in a few days so I am super-dooper excited about that. I have joined up to the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood and can't wait to see what Stacey has in store for us. I am really trying to live my life the Sunny Way and it makes such a difference. As my Mr H says.....Happy Wife - Happy Life. He can be soooo cheeky!

Baby Moo is growing up before my eyes and I feel like I turn my back for two seconds and she has learnt a new trick. As much as I hate her growing up too quickly - I also love watching her grow and develop into such a beautiful happy girl. She really is the sunshine in my life. Never ever have I ever experienced so much love and adoration - when I look at my little family - I just feel like bursting with love and pride.

We have bought Moo a very special little present in the the form of a beautiful smooth haired Jack Russell Puppy called Pippi! I can really see that Moo will just love having HER little friend to follow her around the yard and have fun with. We also wanted have a dog who will protect us - bark when there is a snake in the yard and hopefully protect Moo if the snake goes near her without us realising. Snakes seem to like it here at Wondalli......and I reall really don't like SNAKES! Here is a picture of our new little family member.....I fell in love with her straight away....isn't she just gorgeous!

We are now off for a very well deserved holiday where all our other commitments are put on the back burner and we take the time to recharge and relax.......sounds like BLISS to me.

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