Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sharing the love....

Anyone who knows me would know that I LOVE Sunny Mummy. I love her outlook on life as being a Mummy and Wifey - it is contagious - so infectious that I have joined the bandwagon. Consequently, I am trying to live my life the Sunny way....and I love it.

Sunny Mummy is such a terrific community where some many Mums continiously support each other in order to support themselves.

So today is no different as Stacey has declared the day 'Website Wednesday' - providing an oppurtunity for Mums to advertise their blogs, websites and even recommend their favourite reads!

So lets share the love - go over to Sunny Mummy's facebook page and check out all the terrific websites - while you are there, make sure you stay a while and join as a follower!

Also - I know that I particularly LOVE comments (although I hardly get any!) - so if you visit - make sure you say HI! It will brighten their day.


  1. Thanks for you sweet message. When I clicked on my blog and read your 'about me' it made my eyes water. You are incredible, sensational and I love your blog! What a great mother you are and you daughter is just too cute! I look forward to reading more about what you get up to. Naomi xx

  2. Han, you truly are an inspiration!! Your bright happy outlook always brightens my day :)

  3. Thanks Naomi! Love Love Love your blog too. Isn't bloggy world terrific?

    Kate - you are too sweet. Glad to hear that I make you see the SUNNY side. X