Saturday, June 19, 2010

To judge or not to judge....

Do you ever find yourself wondering how other families function? Or perhaps find yourself judging that one Mama for doing something that you swear against? Or find that you are judging yourself for parenting a certain way when obviously the 'norm' are doing it the 'RIGHT' way?

Every month I treat myself to the latest magazine of 'The Womens Weekly'. I love the articles, the recipes and the garden tips. I always seem to find something that relates to ME in each edition....and this month's magazine has not failed to touch my heart.

There is a beautiful article called 'Inside Brand Bindi' which focuses on the current life of Bindi Irwin - the heir to her very famous daddy Steve Irwin....and the question being asked is - is she being deprived of a childhood?

When I first flicked through the magazine and saw this article - I immediately found myself saying 'Yes - the poor darling' and kept on flicking through the magazine. However, this morning while Baby Moo slept, I treated myself to some quiet time to sit and read the article with a steaming cup of coffee.....and I found myself eating my words.

Just because Bindi may not live the life that we are consider 'normal' - does NOT mean that she is being deprived of a childhood. As the article states -'

'Who's to say playing dress-ups or being chased by boys or riding bikes are more important childhood experiences than rearing tiger cubs and handling pythons?'

Terri Irwin then goes on to say that she is just ONE parent that believes that one of the most important things you can do is gift your kids with those things that are hardest for people to achieve. For example, being able to speak in front of a crowd without being nervous, being able to speak to a camera without being self-conscious and the empowerment Bindi and her brother Robert will gain from not being afraid of wildlife.

This article made me realise and appreciate that each and every family is different and no parent or family should be judged for THEIR way of life. Even though Bindi's face may be sprawled over T-shirts, billboards, TV, etc - she is still being given such a beautiful, caring and enriched childhood from her beautiful Mama, Terri.

Never would I have thought that Terri Irwin would teach me this simple lesson in life. I know that I hate the feeling of being judged as a mother. I also know that sometimes I find myself judging others.

So next time you find yourself scoffing at a family's way of LIFE - just remind yourself that in the world of families - there is NO normal.

I know for sure that I will be.

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