Thursday, June 3, 2010


I don't know about you....but there is nothing I love more than to sit down with a nice cuppa and have a good read of a blog. So - I have decided to share the love and a few of my favourite blogs for you guys! Happy Reading!

1. Life with Soul - be sure to visit Amy and read about her beautiful life! Amy's blog constantly reminds me to live my life with SOUL and I have her to thank for my new lease on life. Also the gorgeous photos of her kiddies will sure to give you a smile!

2. Sunny Mummy - Feel a bit down in the dumps and no direction as a Mama? Well Stacey will change your outlook on that quick smart! Another lady who I have to thank for changing my view on life as a Mama and a wife. She inspires me daily - and gives me the reassurance that I need when the clouds seem to be obtruding my sunshine! Go and support Stace - she gives so much of her time and finances to share her sunniness!

3. Big Teeth & Clouds - Joey is an advocate for the hearing impaired children in America and I love reading about her journey being a Mum to her hearing impaired daughter Julia. I find myself taking a step back in time to when I was a child when I read Joey's blogs as she shares her journey.

4. LuluFrouFrou - the home of the most GORGEOUS hair pretties in the world! Every night while I wash Moo's hair - I sing a song 'PLEASE HAIR GROW!' as I can't wait to put my first order in with Linda! Honestly - visit her blog and have a look at her will SQUEAL!!

5. Pottymouth Mama - feel like a good FUNNY read then visit here! It will definitely give you that smile and laugh that you are looking for!

So there they FAVs! Be sure to visit them, leave a comment, follow them and show them a bit of love. I know we shouldn't rely on comments, followers, etc - but surprisingly, it's that random comment or an extra follower that gives you the drive to continue blogging!



  1. Well you just made my day :) Thank you for the compliments - can't wait to supply Macie with lots of pretty hair accessories ...

  2. aren't you a sweetie pie.
    thanks, friend!
    xx Amy
    P.S. you have TERRIBLE taste in music. But... it's your taste!! :)

  3. it that bad? ;) Mr H thinks it is TERRIBLE too! Have a great weekend lovelies. X