Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drooley Kisses and Hair-Pulling Cuddles....

Hi Everyone. It's Moo here today. Mummy is super busy so she has told me to write today's blog post.....so here goes....

To be honest with you, I can't concentrate enough to work out what to write to you all about. I am knackered and dead-set tired. For some reason, Mum & Dad kept on running into my room last night, screaming my name and turning on the light. Mum was nearly in tears and Dad looked like he had just seen a ghost. To top it all off - the angel baby heartbeat sensor was letting off an almighty high-pitch beep. Apparently the monitor is being faulty. Beats me what all the commotion was....all I was doing was getting some ZZZ's....isn't that what I am meant to be doing?

On the subject of what I am 'MEANT' to be doing....I appear to be having some difficulties understanding what the word 'NO' means. Mummy & Daddy seem to say it a lot to me when I am TRYING to participate in my favourite activities. Apparently the kitchen cupboard is not mine to play with and neither are Mummys precious angels on the table. I have asked my Mimi and Aunty Em to have a word with Mummy to see if she will let me play with them....but Mum won't budge....apparently NO means NO.....whatever that means.

Can you believe that I still don't have any teeth? I think I may have done something to offend the tooth fairy....or even worse - maybe she doesn't exist? Every night Mummy asks the toothy fairy to visit and bring me my two front teeth....but every morning - there are NO TEETH!

Anyway - I really must scoot....due to my lack of ZZZ's last night, I am off for a nice big long afternoon sleep with the obvious protest performance. Even though I am super-dooper tired, I dont like Mummy knowing that I am HAPPY to go to bed so I like to put on a small yet effective performance. I think Mummy is starting to clue on though so I better start working out my next trick.

Lots of drooley kisses and hair-pulling cuddles

Love Baby Moo


  1. Hi Macie, Jimmy here! Mummy told ME to reply to you and tell you that I too have trouble understanding "NO"! At first I thought that I was meant to laugh when Mummy and Daddy said it! But now I am not so sure! It is often followed by a little tap on my bottom! Sometimes I still laugh at that! However it's Mummy's face that I am really laughing at! Why do they look like that when I am only trying to clean the cupboard out so I can crawl in it!
    Oh I guess they will understand us one day!
    Jimmy S
    PS - don't worry about not having any teeth yet! I am getting big ones at the back now and my gums are all red! When does it stop!

  2. Jimmy - it's been way too long since we have bumped highchairs together! Mummy and Mrs S must get their butts into gear....otherwise we may have to give them a tap on their bums too! X