Sunday, June 27, 2010

Once a jolly swagman....

A couple of weeks back the conversation hot on our tongues was about the swaggie who was roaming the highways. We had been monitoring his progress as we saw him walking along the highway day in and day out - marvelling how far he manages to walk each day and wondering where he had come from and where he was heading....

We never stopped to ask him if he was OK. Never stopped to offer him a bottle of fresh water, fresh food or just a simple smile. It never crossed our minds....

It was then brought to our attention again when the local newspaper wrote an article about our resident highway swaggie and made me realise that he has a lesson for all those who will listen. He has been on the road for many many years - walking the highways and guess what..........he LOVES it. He CHOOSES to do it. He loves the wind on his face as he walks, the sunsets and the simplicity. What he owns fits on his back and follows him on journey. He has no money, he has no assets - it is just him and the highway.

When asked what he does for food and water - he said that he drinks out of puddles and eats peoples leftovers which they have thrown out their car windows. Plus the food that generous people provide him.

So, it goes to show that not everyone needs the biggest tv, the prettiest house, the flashiest car (the list could go on) to be happy. This man CHOSE to be minimalistic and live the simple life - and if given the chance, he wouldn't change it.

Next time I whinge that my house needs painting or hit my knees on our loo door because it is so small - I am going to think of the Highway Swaggie....and be grateful for the life that I CHOSE to live.


  1. Something likes this empahasises that money or objects do not make you happy. It is the small and often, inexpensive, things that will make you smile and appreciate how lucky you are.

    Reading your blog also made me realise how sad it is that we are all too scared to stop and help someone along a highway. We are constantly hearing horrific stories of crime and violence on the tv and newspapers which has resulted in humanity and helping others to be a rare commodity. Sad isnt it.

  2. Completely agree Em. This man relys on the generosity of the community - and instead of stopping and giving him some food or water - I just watched him day in and day out walk to town....thinking that perhaps he may be a 'baddy'.