Friday, June 4, 2010

Challenging YET Rewarding....

Yesterday, I found being a Mama challenging, hard and tiring. I was experiencing 'one of those days' where I felt a mixture of emotions and had no idea why! Obviously one of the reasons is that Baby Moo now has 4 upper teeth sitting and causing her havoc.....and no matter how many threats we give the Tooth Fairy....they just don't want to cut. This results in Monster Moo....which consequently created Monster Mama yesterday!

Thankfully, I had already organised to have the night off to head into town to go to the movies with some of my favourite see SATC2....BLISS! I had such a terrific night spending time with such fantastic friends, relaxing and getting 'CARRIED' away into such a fantasy world with Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte.

I LOVED IT! I loved the laughs, the fashion, the story-line, etc. I can understand why some people may have canned it - but I LOVED IT!

Through all the glitz and glamour - I found that there were so many strong messages in the movie. One scene was extremely profound to I am sure it will be for so many Mama's out there. The scene involved Miranda and Charlotte having a 'Mama One on One'....two friends - two mums, letting out their frustrations, anxieties and worries about being Mums to their children. The one thing they agreed on was 'Being a Mama is HARD!' and you could hear all the Mama's in the cinema agreeing with them aswell!

Being a Mama is hard YET more rewarding than I ever imagined;
It is messy YET beautiful;
It is tiring YET refreshing;
It is draining YET fufilling;
We would never trade them;
We would never sell them;
Our lives are blessed and enriched for having them....

But on days like I had yesterday....I am going to be honest and say being Mama IS hard....but when I wake up to the sounds of 'Mama' with kisses, hugs and smiles....I reassure myself that it is all worth matter how bad the day!

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