Saturday, June 12, 2010

How many pies was that?

Do you ever feel like everything is happening at once and all you want to do is jump in and enjoy it ALL? That is exactly how I am feeling at the many oppurtunities just staring me point blank in the face....and I am so excited!

A friend this week told me that I had my finger in enough pies.....and I love her for saying this to me! I always felt I didnt have enough pies in my life - now I have the potential to have not enough fingers for all the pies available to me.

Ok - now I think I am blabbing!

All my life, I have always wondered where I would go and what I would be. I never envisioned myself to do conveyancing in a law firm - in fact, I never knew what direction in life I wanted. So instead of getting upset about it....I just decided to ride the wave of LIFE and enjoy it.

As a result, I am richer than I ever thought I would be....and not with millions of dollars - but with my beautiful life.

I have the most beautiful, caring and supportive family;

A husbo that I wouldnt trade for the world;

A daughter who is the happiest, cheekiest, most gorgeous little treasure in my life;

A booming little business where the orders are going nuts...and I feel like I havent even started yet as I want to create a store, Dalli Cottage Blog, etc etc;

Fantastic and supportive friends, a roof over our heads, a heater to keep us warm, food on our table....and I could go on for days.

So....I am happy with my 'pies' - even if I may not have enough fingers for them! Surely I can have 2 pies on the one finger can't I?

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