Thursday, December 16, 2010

Come and visit Dalli....

As you have probably noticed - my poor blog has been a bit silent lately. Mostly because I have been so busy but also because I feel that the journey of my 'Mama Butterfly' blog is taking a new turn.

I plan on tackling 2011 on with a new sense of love, vibrance and joy. Instead of blogging to the world about my journey as a Mama, I will be journaling a letter to my darling girl by hand and on paper in a beautiful book. It's time for a change and I feel that this is such a personal way of connecting with my Baby Moo.

BUT - it is definitely not the last you will hear of me! I have started a The Dalli Cottage Collection blog where I will be writing about my creations, other fabulous and crafty people and lots of goodies! This will be where I can showcase my collection, get some comments and feedback! Bear with me while I set it all up!

So come and visit The Dalli Cottage Collection and follow my journey as a crafter and small business owner. I have big goals for this little venture....and would love for you to share it with me!!

To all those who were avid followers of Mama Butterfly - thank you for your love and support. I have loved all of your comments!

And to this beautiful woman named Amy Paul from Life with Soul - thank you for teaching me how to live my life with the most important thing ever....soul. Without your blog, I would have never have started blogging....

Heres to NEW beginnings and a fantastic 2011! Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY & SAFE Christmas.

With love from,

Mama Butterfly, Mr H and Baby Moo


  1. ah, darlin.
    thank you for that.

    only too happy to inspire such a talented and creative, loving mama.

    happy days. xx

  2. Merry Christmas! I'm off to visit you at the new address!