Monday, September 6, 2010

Breaking the mould....

I decided to break the mould today and mess around my unwritten routine....

Instead of watching the morning news....I turned up the tunes on our Ipod docking station, put on my favourite music and danced with Moo around the cottage.

Instead of washing, cleaning and working....I played for hours with Moo and we laughed and giggled until our cheeks hurt.

Instead of doing jobs throughout Mr H's lunch break....we both played with Moo as a family for a whole hour.

Today, instead of worrying about the mess....I took a moment to soak up and relish my simple yet glorious life.

How often do you stop worrying about the mess - and get down on the floor with your kids and MAKE the mess? Or stop worrying about the jobs to do - and instead stop to tell your husbo just how much you love and adore him?

I made the choice today to stop and smell our daisies (they are blooming at our front door!), have that extra long kiss with Mr H, and that extra giggle and cuddle with Baby Moo.

As a result....tonight I have a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye.....the simplicity of life has done me when are you going to break YOUR mould??

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