Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the end is near....

When I started up this blog - I promised myself that I would blog for a year to document my first year of being a Mama to Baby Moo.

Baby Moo is turning one next month so Mama Butterfly will be ending soon.

I have enjoyed blogging and sharing my special life and journey with you all! Thanks for following and enjoy the last few weeks of Mama Butterfly as I plan for a very special birthday party for my angel.


  1. I love reading your blog! Don't go!

  2. NOOOOO!
    Don't do that!
    I love catching up with you when I get a chance. Hope you can get to town one day soon! (I just had to tell you that my word verification is "rowit" -- no pun intended!! :)

    xx Amy

  3. I have to agree - PLEASE DON'T GO!! It is very enjoyable to read your blogs....

  4. have only just started following your blog.... are you sure you want to end it now???