Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My weekend away from Moo....

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog posts. Life has been hectic and time has been minimal! I only asked myself today why I commit to so many things....but I will blog about that another day!

I am proud to report that I survived my first weekend away from Baby Moo....and although it nearly killed me...she was just FINE and didn't miss me at all!! Mr H did a terrific job as a sole parent - and even made the living room a huge cubby house (with sheets & blankets) much to Moo's delight! I was so thankful of Mr H for being such a terrific Dad. I rang endless times just making sure they were coping alright and each time he said to me 'Go and HAVE FUN!'. Never once did he make me feel bad and he now understands just how big of a JOB being a Mama is....

The weekend was so lovely and my favourite memory was on Friday - just spending time with my beautiful sister Emma and my Mama. We soaked up a lazy lunch at ARIA (OMG - so delicious) and then had so much fun shopping and laughing the afternoon away. We then headed over the bridge to the Lyric Theatre to watch Mamma Mia....and that was just fantastic too. We went to bed with a buzzzz that night - it was such an amazing day.

Em's Hens Party went without a hitch and although our nude model at our sketching wasn't 'our' idea of was still FUN! Em looked like she enjoyed her day and night and now the final count down is on!!

Another fantastic memory from the weekend was attending Em's wedding dress fitting. I cried....she looks so radiant, beautiful and classic. It will be tissues all round on the wedding day thats for sure!!

Only 10 days until the wedding!! I am so excited for the gorgeous couple....

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