Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dear Baby Moo

Lately I have felt the need to write to you - to express how much joy you bring to my life. You have only recently turned eleven months old and never ever did I imagine that I would love being YOUR Mama as much as I do. I hope the day never arrives where I 'HAVE' to go back to work - because I love my work being right here at home with YOU.

You make me experience so many emotions - you make me smile, laugh, giggle and growl when you are being naughty! You make me feel like my heart is going to explode when you smile your cheeky smile at me....and you make me cry a river when you jump hurdles without even looking like it was an effort!

You constantly teach me to slow down and get on the floor with you to play the drums with milo tins, or to sit and read you a story. You love nothing more than when Daddy and I forget about the daily chores and spend the whole day playing in your cubby house or playing 'chaseys!' (when one chases the other around the house - fantastic exercise for Mummy & Daddy!). There is nothing more I love than hearing your giggly scream as Daddy and I pretend to chase you and kiss you all over!

I love hearing you talk....and you love to hear yourself talk too!! I love the way you say 'My Mama' to your Daddy when he is hugging me....and when you say 'Dad Dad Dad Dad' endlessly just like I taught you! You LOVE to talk....just like your Mama!

I love our mornings together - when Daddy has gone to work and it's just you and me. I love dancing together in our PJs, putting the washing on together and just generally being the bestest friends that we are. I love it when you beg for me to let you 'help' me - with your love of the dishwasher, and unloading the washing machine instead of loading it! Your favourite thing ever is to unload the FOLDED washing all over the floor....and every time it makes me laugh and smile!

So as Daddy & I search for your first birthday present and plan your party - I am so sad to think you won't be my baby anymore....but yet exhilarated by what lies ahead. If the next 12 years are as much fun as the last 11 months....then I can't wait! You are the most beautiful, and loving daughter I could ask for....

and I promise to love you until the moon and back matter what.

Love Always

Your Mama X

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