Monday, September 27, 2010

rain rain go away!

Here on is I mean REAAALLLLY wet!

We are stranded on the farm and cut off from town due to flood waters. Today the waters peaked to 0.8 metres....that is just HUGE!

But in true Dalli Cottage style, we decided to make the most of it - so we joined our gorgeous friends and neighbours and headed off to do a touch of fishing and yabbying in the flood waters! I placed Baby Moo in her bjorn and we waded our feet in the water and watched everyone chasing the yabbies and fish over the road!

Its amazing what mood the floods makes us stop and enjoy the sunshine...but hopefully the rain will stay away for a while now while everything starts to dry up to allow for the wheat to be harvested and the sorghum to be planted! At this rate, Mr H will be working on Baby Moo's birthday....surely he will be able to manage a few hours off though....keep your fingers crossed for us!

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