Sunday, September 5, 2010

A week in the life of ME....

This week so many terrific memories were I thought I would share...

Off to Talwood for a playdate with some very special friends! We decided to do a roadtrip and put the three bubbas in the back of the Prado....and I was in the boot! After 30 mins trying to get the carseats in the back....we eventually made it onto the road!! That was until there was a big BANG d we realised that 20km out of town we had a flat tyre.....and then we realised we had no phone service and three HUNGRY bubbas!! Thankfully 2 lovely blokes stopped to rescue to the damsels in distress (yes, thats us!) and taught us the kind act of humanity!

Such great friends....Eva, Macie and Scarlett - all patiently waiting for the tyre to be changed! Scarlett is hiding in her carseat!

Creating memories and laughing our heads off at the drama - my very special friends Jen and Kath. To think that our gorgeous children have created our special friendshipn gives me goosebumps. I thank my lucky stars to have met these amazing women.

Our visitors to the Dalli Cottage...Aunty Em and Uncle Lach off to a wedding! Can you believe that this gorgeous couple are going to be saying their vows in 3 WEEKS!

A weekend at the Dalli Cottage with Mimi & Poppy visiting from Toowoomba. Macie was in her element as Ma and Pa (Mr H's parents) came to visit too.....

It was Ma and Aunty Jenna's birthdays on Saturday so we decided that we would make a special birthday card for each of them from Moo! According to Moo - Blue is the new black....and we need to cover ourselves in it! A few phonecalls were made to Aunty Em (who is a teacher) to see if there are any secrets to getting texta off children....just for the record - there aren't any except for good old soap and scrubbing!!

We have had a big week with lots of visits to town, playdates and visitors to the cottage! This is usually how Moo ends her days when she has been busy socialising.....I soak up these cuddles with my gorgeous girl and try to memorise every single part of her....she just seems to be growing up so quickly.

Mr H's first Fathers Day! This is his present from Moo - and he has already hung it proudly on the wall next to our bed. These photos are courtesy of Pa who came to visit today. Aren't they just stunning?

If this isn't the photo of pure unconditional love....then I don't know what is!

So....that is a week in the life of ME....I am going to start doing this a bit more - a photo can say so many more words sometimes....and I feel that I seem to have a case of 'Bloggy-Blank' at the moment!

Lots of Love

Han XX

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