Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet the ladies....

While I was away over the weekend, Baby Moo made her first purchase....

She is now the proud owner of 11 Chooks and boy does she love them!

When we ask her where the chookies live....she points towards their pen and proceeds to say 'Bawk, Bawk, Bawk' makes my heart melt every time!

They are such lovely and quiet hens...and they especially love the Wondalli wheat! They fight and swabble over it....they must know what is the best! :)

However....they are yet to produce eggs.....hmmmm....any tips on how to make them productive??


  1. We had chickens for most of my childhood. We fed them some kind of egg laying grain stuff. I have no expertise in the area. They just always did what they were supposed to do!

  2. We brought 3 chickens for my girls about 8 weeks ago and we are now getting 3 eggs a day, we feed them layer mash feed and also food scraps and grass. They took about a week or two to settle in before they started laying. But it is nice to have fresh eggs everyday.. Hope they start laying soon....