Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harvest time....

Harvest time for the wheat and chickpeas is just around the corner but we had our own little harvest of our vege garden over the weekend....

Would you believe that our 'Rocket' went literally nuts! It overtook the whole vege garden and consequently our poor little onions and chives didn't survive. The carrots are still growing along with our cauliflowers!

The rocket has been evicted from the Vege Garden and given to the chooks who loved it!

Talking about the chooks...they are back to their gorgeous QUIET selves after the dog massacre! So quiet that one particular lady loves to peck our toes! I absolutely love letting them out and seeing them interact with Macie. They absolutely love her and she loves them too. She is not one bit scared of them....if anything I flinch more than she does! What a little farm girl in the making!

I particularly LOVE this photo - every afternoon they all bolt for the pen when they see Mr H heading over there!! You can just see them going 'WAIT FOR MMMMEEEEEE!!'

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