Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To blog or not?

Over the past week, I have had so many people ask....

"Are you going to continue blogging?"
"Moo is one now....that means you have to say BYE to your blog!"
"You haven't posted in over a week....is your blog finished"
To be honest with you....I have been really thinking about whether or not to end the blog or not. It is such a terrific way to process feelings, vent opinions, and try to send a message that motherhood is to be fun challenge not a daily chore.
I also love blogging about my little creative buzz and listening to all of your comments.
Its a fun way to burn some time when days on the farm are lonely and endless.
So guess what....I am going to keep this going....until I really feel that I want to end it 100%. I may not blog for days or weeks....but keep an eye on Mama Butterfly because I promise that I will continue to make you laugh, smile and cry.
Thank you for the support. I love your comments so keep them a-coming!!


  1. I've been watching your blog in the last few days...waiting...waiting....for you to decide on whether or not you will blog again, and I'm so excited to see you are!!! You're so inspirational to us bloggers MB. Thankyou for staying xxx