Monday, October 4, 2010

Honesty GIVEAWAY! Don't miss out!

I always credit myself to be a honest person....perhaps sometimes a tad too honest!

But today it paid off!

Recently, I purchased our gorgeous Dalli Cottage rules from! It was taking forever to arrive so I contacted the lovely Penelope - to be told that she would send out another one immediately.

Within days I had received not one but TWO packages from Ministyle both being the fantastic print! It appeared that with the floods around Queensland - our mail had been delayed.

So without hesitation I told Penelope that I have received an extra and would post it back immediately!

And guess what....? For MY honesty....Penelope told me to keep both prints! HOW LOVELY is that!

So....I have decided to do a giveaway of my extra print! Leave a comment about your most 'honest' moment and be in the draw to win this gorgeous print! Entries close on 10th October 2010.

Be sure to visit Penelope and her team at Ministyle....they will guarantee you a terrific shopping experience. X


  1. Oh my.

    I drooled when I saw that you got this a few weeks ago.

    I had an honesty moment about 2 weeks ago while in Leongatha lunching with my cranky baby and 3 year old whingy daughter... I thought a little slice of cake would help bring us all together. So, after we had our lunch I ordered a slice of baked cheesecake (what else??) and we shared it.

    It did cure the ailments for about a nanosecond, then it all turned to custard again.

    So, I decided it best to quit while we were ever so slightly ahead and get them back to the car and on their way home. We paid for our lunch and walked 2 blocks (tantruming 3 year old in tow) when I thought about the bill that I paid and realized that the fella that tallied the total didn't add our cheesecake.

    SO..... we turned around walked back to the cafe, and told him that we didn't think he added our cheesecake to our bill - and he didn't.. He said to just make it $5 for coming all the way back - I opened my wallet to no cash - and he said to just pay for it next time.

    Which I did.

    ..... It feels right to do the right thing - and I reckon karma gets us for doing the wrong thing.

    Now... do the right thing and pick me to win the print. !! ;)


  2. My most honest moment, was the day my son was born. I told the nurses i couldn't hold him and i didnt want too. Theyw ere so supportive ( i was only 16 and a half)

    i told them i need time to adjust.

  3. The very friendly salesman at Babies Galore today commented on my honesty when I alerted him to the fact that he hadn't charged me for a couple of little items that I had on the counter. :-) Yay me! :-)

    A less trivial moment of honestly happened when my girl was about 9 months old. I finally admitted to myself and "the world" that I was suffering terribly from Post Natal Depression. Taking the first step in talking to my Dr and then the next BIG step talking was one of the hardest, honest and most humbling things I've ever done in my life. I try to share my story with people around me so that they don't suffer in silence.

  4. Well..can I be totally honest with you? I love this print and would love to have it hanging in my house...but I'm too emotionally exhausted to even think of something to tell you! Today I was at a funeral for a friend of mine's little twin girls who were stillborn...she was suppose to be having them by c-section this Friday but instead we were sending them off to Heaven today!! My heart is broken! xox We need to be so thankful each and every day for our precious children!!

  5. this is such a gorgeous print and I so love it! I have the perfect spot for it and it would be such a great reminder for my kids and myself each day. I will be honest - I so want to win it!!! alright, here is my most recent honest moment * I seem to have them on a regular basis to teach me lessons * this week it was my daughters birthday and I promised I would play with her all by herself with her new presents - as the day wore on I became more and more tired and she kept reminding me that I said I was going to play with her. I would always answer 'yes I will but right after finished doing...'as there was always something that I needed to do! Late that night my daughter came to me and said 'Mum, you promised that you were going to play with me.' at that moment when I was past exhaustion I realised that I needed to keep my promise to my daughter. I sat down on the floor and played with her. I loved watching her be creative and it was great to be close to her and to delight in her again. I am thankful that my children help keep me honest. Naomi x