Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too fast?

I have mentioned before - and I will mention again - my love of the Womens Weekly. It is the one and only magazine (give and take a trashy mag here and there) I get each month and I love reading it from cover to cover.

This month has not failed to impress me and also to get me talking about some of the great articles with intense interest and debate! Poor Mr H always seems to be dragged into the debate with me - god I love him!

One article in particular grabbed my instant attention - 'Are our girls growing up too fast?' (page 82)....obviously I was interested - since I am now a Mama to a very beautiful daughter.

The article talks about the modern-day pressures on little girls and all the absurd items on the market which are targeting them and ripping their childhood away from them. It goes on to mention the padded-bra outrage, the news headlines about a beautician turning away a woman who bought her 9-year-old daughter to have her legs waxed and then the party planners who organise a Day Spa for 10 year olds to have a manicure, pedicure, their hair done and THEN have their makeup done - all while travelling to and from in a bright pink hummer or limo!!

Needless to say, I felt like I was living under a rock - I had NO IDEA that this was all going on. I had no idea that in 2006, parent groups pressured the Federal Government into conducting a Senate inquiry into the sexualisation of children. Along with that, I was shocked to read that 'its not uncommon these days to find kids as young as eight and nine engaging in oral sex and simulated intercourse'. Consequently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show in the period of 2007-2008 the number of teen pregnancies rose by 10 per cent....and they are saying that it all starts at such a young age - when our little girls are feeling pressured into growing up too soon?

Obviously I am aware of most of the commercial items available for children - you only have to walk through the 'tween' section of Target and K-Mart to really realise what is available for our daughters.

To be honest with you - I really don't know what to think about this article. Sometimes I believe that there are too many statistics, too many 'groups' and too many researchers that are ready to blame something or someone. Sadly, I believe there is no 'accountability' anymore. No-one is willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

Don't get me wrong - I do think that SOME of the products out there for our little girls are absolutely ridiculous and should not even be offered on the shelves at our shopping centres (especially the PADDED bras...OMG!). BUT shouldn't we as parents be making the right choices for our daughters? Shouldn't we know the difference between what is right and wrong to ensure that our daughters grow up to be happy within themselves and FEEL beautiful no matter what?

We can CHOOSE what we want our children to be dressed in, play with, etc etc - and should feel liberated that we aren't feeling 'pressured' into buying mini-skirts and padded bras for them. We can CHOOSE whether or not to buy them the teeny magazines with all the rot in them, and we can CHOOSE to be in touch with our children to make sure they aren't feeling pressured or depressed.

We can CHOOSE to create a happy environment for our daughteres to feel free, happy and BEAUTIFUL. Not to compete to be the MOST beautiful girl in the class - but to teach our girls that each and everyone of them are beautiful in their own special way.

I am a firm believer that life is all about choice and accountability. If we make a choice that may be wrong - then we need to take accountability for our actions?

So, if you have a beautiful daughter, do yourself a favour and go and purchase the Womens Weekly to read this article. It may make you think twice about your actions and your purchases and more importantly - it may save your little girls childhood.

(Quotes from 'Are our girls growing up too fast' October 2010 WW Edition)


  1. I'm with you! In the US we were supposed to have this "era of personal responsibility" that never happened. It starts with each decision at home. Those slutty clothes aren't forced on us. We still have the choice!

  2. I recently took my daughter to get her first 'bra' and I could not believe the amount of padded bras available - I had to really hunt for normal bras as I refused to buy the padded ones - unbelievable! I try to protect my girls from growing up too fast - they will have plenty of time for that :) great post Naomi x

  3. I subscribe to the Women's Weekly and I thought the article was very thought provoking too. I agree with you, little girls won't wear mini-skirts and padded bras unless someone buys it for them! I hope my son and daughter get to stay children as long as possible!