Thursday, October 7, 2010

Testing the friendship....

We are under house arrest at the moment due to Baby Moo being exposed to chicken pox a few weeks ago. Obviously, I don't want Moo to infect all our little friends in town so we have been staying home to wait out the 'incubation' period (21 days) and trying to entertain ourselves. Did I emphasise on the TRYING?!

After 14 days at home - we are going CRAZZZZZZZZZY!

Moo is getting SO annoyed with me - you can just see it in her eyes that all she wants to do is get out of the house, go to town and play with all our gorgeous friends. Doing the groceries doesn't cut it - she wants to PLAY!

Yesterday was a day where both Macie and I both cried. I cried from just sheer frustration of being torn between doing what's RIGHT and then doing what we just want to do! Macie cried from a severe case of cabin fever.....

So today - we spent the morning in the garden, played with the hose, visited the chooks, and even had a very special visit from our neighbour! Hooray - we got to speak with someone other than Mr H!

Anyway - another couple of days at home should give us the all-clear and then it will be visits to town, swimming lessons, playdates and lots of other things to look forward to.

That is....if she doesn't actually get the chicken pox....then it will be another 2 weeks at home....

actually....i don't even want to think about that.

Do any other Mama's out there feel this frustration?


  1. I do! We've just done the same. Lil's just gotten over a bout of chicken pox. We were going INSANE being cooped up in the house for so long!! There's only so many drawings, paintings, craft activities, cooking cupcakes and making playdough animals a 3 year old and her mummy can take! Add to the mix a teething baby brother and Lil was well and truly ready to get out and play with her friends again this week. Hang in there, you'll be back to your social selves soon I'm sure xx

  2. Oh you poor mommy and little girl! I haven't really had chicken pox frustration but could a 9 month old in a hospital cot, with a drip in, for 5 days count? - MEGA FRUSTRATION!! Kaylin would just cry and cry in that hospital. You could see the frustration boiling up in her! Ben's had chicken pox...I found the spots on him on his 6th birthday. Thank goodness we hadn't planned much for the day. My husband was away so we had planned to have Ben's party when he got back. Then a few days later Kaylin got chicken pox - she had been vaccinated for it, so it was only very mild, thank goodness!
    Shame, hope these last few days fly by so you can enjoy some "friend" time! xox

  3. You would never believe it but she came out in spots TODAY!!